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Would you like to be responsible for providing beauty services to others? Do you enjoy working with people? If so, cosmetology may be the perfect career choice for you. Read on to learn how you can become a licensed cosmetologist.

What Degrees Are Available in Cosmetology?

Currently, there are bachelor's degree programs in cosmetology. You can complete a bachelor degree "B.Phil" program in two years.

How Do I Become Licensed?

Upon successful completion of a cosmetology bachelor degree program, you'll likely be eligible to sit for your country's cosmetology licensing exam, which might consist of an oral, written or practical test of your skills or a combination of these options. Li-censure requirements vary by country, but most countries require you to be a college graduate or the equivalent, in addition to completing a designated number of hours of cosmetology instruction.

What Are My Career Options?

The field of cosmetology includes many specialties, so earning a bachelor's degree can lead to various employment opportunities, including hair dresser, shampooer, nail care technician or skin care specialist.

"Total Quality Education for Global Cosmetology Professionals"

The School of Cosmetology is dedicated to a tradition of commitment towards the formation of competent, socially responsible, spiritually integrated, and globally competitive professionals

    To provide the necessary knowledge, skills and competencies to meet the demands of the cosmetology profession and Infuse the entrepreneurial spirit as agents of change in society.
    To inculcate social, moral, and ethical values in the practice of the cosmetology profession.
    To develop globally competitive graduates who possess excellent communication and technical skills to meet the demands of the dynamic world.


  • Master's Degree by Research (M.Phil.): 6 Months "Two Quarters"
  • Doctorate Degree by Research (Ph.D.): 9 Months "Three Quarters"




For getting access to any of our available Degree by Research (No Course Work Programmes) - You have to pay the STUDENTS UNION MEMBERSHIP FEES

2850 GBP (You have to complete your MEMBERSHIP FEES as soon as receiving your College Unconditional offer & Welcome Letter by email.)

** For getting the exact updates transfer rate to your local currency please use the following link:

Payment Methods: We only accept verified card payments, So please note that your card is ready when starting our Card Authorization Form.

American Express, Diner’s Club, Discover, JCB, MasterCard, UnionPay, or Visa

Admission Dates: (We consider 3 Quarters per Year)

1st of December : 15th of January

1st of April : 15th of May

1st of August : 15th of September

We Consider your application and take action in 10 Days.

Start Dates: (You are always welcome to Start your programme at the beginning of every Quarter).

First Quarter: 1st of February : 30th of April

Second Quarter: 1st of June : 30th of August

Third Quarter: 1st of October : 31st of December

Admission Requirements: (You have to attach the following documents along with your online enrollment form)

  1. Copy of valid passport (Scan the first page with your name, passport number and all important information).
  2. Birth Certificate (Scan Copy).
  3. Last earned degree (Scan Copy).
  4. Personal photo (Passport size)(4.5cm x 3.5cm)(High Resolution (300 DPI)).

How it Works?

1. Apply Today .. Fulfill the Enrollment form.

2. Receive your Unconditional College offer.

3. Pay your Student Union Membership Fees (One time deposit) 2850 GBP.

4. Students refine their dissertation topic in conjunction with their Personal dissertation Advisor, an academic supervisor who will provide support throughout the writing process. The topic of the scholarly thesis should be focused on chosen programme specialization.

5. Receive your Degree Certificate .. Legalised, Attested & Evaluated.

Supporting Materials in completing your chosen thesis:

(You can feel free joining our SMART CAMPUS as soon as completing your admission process)

001 The Nature of Education Enquiry

002 Data Collection and Analysis

003 Research in Action

004 Designing Research

005 Dissertation

Thesis Requirements:
Master: 60,000 Words
Doctorate: Between 80,000 and 100,000 Words

Final Degree Certificate:

Accreditation: The Degree is accredited by The Advanced Sciences Sector for International Studies and Research

Legalisation: You will receive your Degree legalized by the British Foreign and Commonwealth Office in London and Attested by Your Embassy in London.

Evaluation: You will receive your Degree Certificate evaluated by the Credential Evaluation Commission in London.

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